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Quotes Loved the event, thanks for asking me to participate! Quotes
Larry W
Art Party Participant

Quotes What a wonderful way to introduce new and exciting art to people in the Nashville area. Anyone with an interest in the visual arts would do themselves good to find their way to the next event. Quotes
Ronald D
Art Party Participant

Quotes [Epiphany Design Studio is] a first-class venue that brings in plenty of people. Quotes
Sandy B.
Art Party Participant

Quotes ...this was the first time I had done anything of this nature. I didn't really know what to expect, but now I know. I didn't know what type of people would attend and/or participate, but was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely participate again. Quotes
Kimberly B
Art Party Participant

Quotes This event offers artist a chance to show their work in a fun and positive enviroment. Quotes
Dianne A.
Art Party Participant

Quotes I was impressed by the attendance and the overall atmosphere was a joy. The people were very engaged in all that was presented. I would definitely suggest this event to artists and attendees alike, and hope to be part of another event in the future. Quotes
Michelle T
Art Party Participant

Quotes This is better than The Bluebird Cafe! Quotes
Peter T
Art Party Guest

Quotes Melody not only is a very talented artist, but she works very hard to bring other artists together in Nashville and give them good exposure. Artists In Nashville is a great way to meet fellow artists and participate in events. Quotes
Donna R
Art Party Participant